Gift Idea:The Instant Happy Journal


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With the holidays and New Year approaching very soon you may be on a crunch to get everyone on your list the right gift without breaking the bank. Today I have the perfect gift idea for that special someone of your gift giving list; The Instant Happy Journal by Karen Salmansohn. Filled with 365 days of positivity and inspiration this gift would be perfect for anyone you wish to gift it to. Each page is filled with bright colors and positive vibes. With 365 pages and 365 days in a year this journal makes a great gift for the New Year to get your loved ones focused and motivated for the New Year. For more info on this book and where you can purchase it click on the link below.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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Art & Lifestyle

Watercolor Galore!

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With my past posts being related to beauty related items here’s something new for a change! Yay, I really want all my readers/viewers to know that I am working very hard to bring more content for you guys and I really would like to request for you guys some support. Being a blogger is not easy especially if you’re new to being a blogger and don’t have a huge fan base yet. I would like to request some support, love and motivation from you guys; a simple like, comment and view on my posts helps me incredibly! I can understand what content you all enjoy and it’s really just a way for me to personally connect with you guys which for me is very important. So click that follow button so you can help me on this journey.DSCN8205

Today we will be taking a look at a book called “Just add Watercolor” by Helen Birch. As much as we are told not to judge a book by its cover I just could not hold myself back from admiring all the gorgeous colors and illustrations that this book included.


This book is absolutely perfect for you if you are an upcoming art student or just simply like working with watercolors. This book includes several real life paintings done using paint mediums, the artists names and a description of each piece. On the bottom of the pages they even include tips on how to achieve a certain type of look with the paint. Its awesome!


In the back of the book I found was one of the most helpful parts for those looking to become art students or artists.

The back of the book includes detailed and very useful descriptions of Materials such as paint, water soluble media, water soluble ink, paint additives, paper, other surfaces, equipment, other paint tools and mark makers, masks and stencils. The back also includes a “what is next?” section which tells you what you can now do with your art work.


I personally think this would also be a great gift for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the art field.

Additional info:

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


– dailylifeofahijabi


Essence longlasting Lipsticks

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It’s currently 8:11pm on a saturday and guess who decides to finally get her blog game back on again, this gal! Summer is officially long gone and out of the picture for now and I am nowhere near ready for the cold season. 😦 People seem so surprised to know that I am not a fan of the winter season; don’t get me wrong its great to have winter break and just cozy up indoors to some hot cocoa but on a day to day basis when you have to wake up against your will to go to school or work everyday in the snow it can definitely bee a buzz kill (ha ha, did ya see what i did there?) *ba-dum-psh*

Alrighty, on to the actual product review. I had recently jumped on the bandwagon with the Essence long lasting lipsticks for only $2.99 a piece at Ulta I could not pass up on testing them out. There are 15 available shades on their website but at the time I purchased them some of the shades were not available. These lipsticks claim to have intensive color that you will be able to wear for several hours without it drying your lips out.



I was able to get my hands on 9 shades which are shown above.


One thing I really appreciated about these lipsticks was the packaging; sleek, matte with a thin strip of the color of the lipstick. The bottom of the lipsticks also have clearly printed labels with the shade number, name of the lipstick and the color swatch of the lipstick.

These lipsticks refused to stay still during the shoot so that explains the little souvenir from Dubai. Let me know down below if you guys would want to know more about the trip.

Keeping the lipsticks from rolling away was definitely a challenge. 🙂


Different groups include: Mauve, Bright pink, Nudes, Reds and corals.

Midway through shoot I decided to also take a shot of the similar hued lipsticks together so it would be easier to see.DSCN8123

And now it’s time for closeups of each lipsticks and a description of the finishes.


01 Coral Calling – semi matte (available at Ulta & essence website)


03 Dare to Wear – semi matte (available at Ulta & essence website)


04 On the Catwalk- semi matte (available at Ulta & essence website)


06 Barely there- semi matte (available at Ulta & essence website)


11 Nude Love – semi matte ( available at Ulta & essence website)

13 Love Me – semi matte (available at Ulta & essence website)


15 Oh so Matt! – matte (available at Ulta)


16 I am Yours! -semi matte (available at Ulta & essence)


20 Get the look – frosty finish (available at Ulta & essence)


Swatches of all the lipsticks going from right to left.


– dailylifeofahijabi


E.L.F Beauty Book Review!

Hello loves, I’m back today with a new review this time on a product that I have been loving and reaching for a lot lately. It’s the E.L.F or also known as eyes lips face everyday eye beauty book! For all those who aren’t familiar with the brand I highly suggest you check them out. E.L.F products are not only great quality but they are very affordable. I mean, who doesn’t love affordable makeup!

e.l.f cosmetics website.

Link to the Website: http://www.eyeslipsface.com

I truly do enjoy Elf cosmetics for the obvious reason that you don’t have to settle with poor quality just because the prices are cheaper. From the lines of cosmetics that e.l.f sells I would definitely recommend their Studio line. The quality just seems to be better rather than the essential line. Alright enough rambling lets get back into it.  

Sorry for the poor camera quality.

I was able to snag this beauty book for $5 from my local Marshalls store!  How amazing is that! My local Marshalls store is almost always stocked with some sort of elf products weather it may be brushes,shadows,nail polishes and so on. This is perfect for the makeup beginners out there, when you’re just starting out with makeup sometimes it can be difficult finding the right shadow colors that work best for you or ones that you can use on a regular basis.  

Disregard the messy plastic. At least you now know I use it often. 🙈

Another plus point about this product is the little set of instructions it comes with to ‘get the look’. Once again if you are a beginner at makeup it can get a little bit confusing as to what colors to put where but the step by step guide found in the beauty book can be your guide to makeup artistry.  

Now taking a closer looks at this beauty book it includes a small mirror fit enough to do your eye makeup on the go, 9 easy to blend everyday eyeshadows, 1 elf mini black eyeliner pencil (I took mine out of the beauty book) and a single eyeshadow sponge applicator (took that out too).

Shadows and their finishes:

(From left to right)


1- Sparkley champagne shade, I also use this as a everyday face highlighter.

2- Matte cream white shade, I use this as a matte highlight for my face and eyes.

3- Matte orangish shade, perfect to use as a transition shade and my favorite crease color for everyday.


4- Chunky Sparkly brown shade.

5- Matte grey

6- Sparkly pinkish silver color, the most gorgeous face highlight or perfect for your inner corner.


7- Sparkly brown shade with grey under tones.

8- Matte dark blue, creates a gorgeous look with the matte cream white shade.

9- Sparkly purple, can be used as a colorful liner on your eyelids or on your lower lash line.


– dailylifeofahijabi


$2 Pallette Review!

Woah! It’s been quite a while and I can rant and create excuses saying I was busy and all that jazz but I’m here now and that’s what matters doesn’t it folks?    I wish all my Muslim readers a very blessed Ramadan Mubarak! Today I was going through a few of my makeup purchases and realized I had this colorful summery Pallette from Claire’s.  

Claire’s Pastel Eye Pallette

This pallette originally retails for $10 in the U.S. I was able to score it for $2, I had been debating with myself weather I should buy it or it would just be a waste but of course my inner makeup junkie won the debate and here I am writing a brief review on it. To be absolutely straight forward I think the price of $10 is such a waste for the quality of this product which is exactly why I was reluctant for buying it. I should have known better but It seems do be more of play makeup that lacks pigmentation. Though I did know the quality may not be as great I had thought maybe using a west brush for the shadows and using it as a liner for underneath the eyes would have made this pallette useful but unfortunately I was wrong. 😦 

overall view of the pastel pallette

Shade number and the finish: (top to bottom)






6- Matte

7- Shimmery

8- Shimmery

9- Matte

10- Shimmery

11- Matte

12- Shimmery

 The colors rub off easily and don’t last even after using water. The Pallette comes with 8 sparkle shadows, 4 matte shadows and two double ended sponge shadow applicators. Overall this purchase isn’t worth it, save those $2 and treat yo self with a iced tea! 

– dailylifeofahijabi



hey you,

So I have been meaning to start up my own blog for like the longest time ever but I never had the time and motivation to pull that all together and actually just create it so behold here I am on spring break, on a Monday at exactly 12:56 sitting in front of my computer actually making it! Can I please just get a slow clap right now? *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAryFIuRxmQ * Okie dokie! Now I do have certain topics of what I want to post about such as fashion (ootd & ootn), skincare, hauls, beauty tips and tricks. I’m not sure how far this blog may actually get and if it will even gain readers or viewers at all but I hope just one day I can sit with my future grandchildren and scroll through this blog laughing at how I thought I was hip. Ha ha, im not really sure if that counts as a pun or not but I just went there. Oh and you may have to get used to my corny, not so funny jokes. Sorry.


– dailylifeofahijabi